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Selected Articles by

Patricia Geist-Martin, Ph.D.


#MeToo, sexual harassment: An article, a forum, and a dream for the future 


Robin Patric Claira , Nadia E. Brown , Debbie S. Dougherty, Hannah K. Delemeester , Patricia Geist-Martin , William I. Gorden, Tyler Sorgc , & Paaige K. Turner


Cultivating communities of care: A qualitative investigation of the communication of support among incarcerated women

Courtney Hook & Patricia Geist-Martin


Advocating for integrative medicine: Providers’ stories of resonance, negotiation, and community 

Courtney Hook, Brielle Plump, Patricia Geist-Martin


 Memory as Insight: Navigating the Complexities of Generational Mother–Daughter Relationships

Carly deAnda & Patricia Geist-Martin


Challenging integration: clinicians’ perspectives of communicating collaboration in a center for integrative medicine 

Patricia Geist-Martin, Beth J. Bollinger, Kelsey N. Wiechert, Brielle Plump, & Barbara F. Sharf


Crafting an Architectural Blueprint: Principles of Design for Ethnographic Research 

Jennifer A. Scarduzio, Gino A. Giannini, & Patricia Geist-Martin 


The poetics and politics of re-covering identities in health communication 

Patricia Geist & Lisa Gates

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