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International Women's Day Celebrated with Supportive Friends and Family!

I just have to say, it means so much when friends and family take time out of their busy schedules to support your work. This past Sunday was the very first public presentation and book signing of my new book, co-authored with Sarah Parsloe. I was unexpectedly very nervous. After getting up in front of thousands of students over 40 years of teaching, I did not expect to be so nervous. But I was. I wanted it to go well and I had no idea how many people would attend. I told myself if one person outside my family showed up and I sold one book, I would be happy. Well 15 people were there (including family members) and I sold and signed seven books. It was beyond my wildest expectations. The Women's Museum supplied snacks and wine and the two staff members, Cece and Duane were so supportive and responsive to the presentation! Everyone seemed to really enjoy the evening, mingling afterward for quite some time! I look forward to today's presentation at the Julian Library at 6:00. Come on out.

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